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Terms & Conditions

All the priced services that we provide are not including parts which we would order for you. 

All software you have purchased would need to be reinstalled, after your system is recovering from a system crash or windows reinstallation. It is advisable for you to back up data, before engineer visits, however our engine can make a personal data backup.

The booking process, we have implemented has been created for the benefit of our customers. In all, it allows us, to satisfy customers, prevent fraud and to log or record communication. We use a variation of different forms of communication such as WhatsApp, email, texting and phone calls.

The information gather by Techno-g ltd will not be passed onto 3rd party businesses or companies who do not work for us. All customers who refuse to pay the outstanding balance within certain amount of time will be forwarded onto a collection agency and black listed from out services.  We have the right to refuse bookings if we deem it not in the best interest for the company.

At techno-g we take pride in the work that we do and promise to not string along jobs or make up unnecessary faults. We are honoured that you have chosen our services and in the best interest of our customers we will try are best to help.  All information we obtain is confidential, following data protection act, at all times for all the service we provide.


Disclaimer Notice – Loss of Computer Data


As part of the repair process, it may sometimes be necessary to re-format your computer’s internal or external hard disc drive(s) and/or to re-install your computer’s Microsoft Windows® operating system. Both of these procedures are carried out only as a last resort and after the engineer has attempted by all other means to diagnose and resolve the problem(s).


All data regarded as either required, important and/or critical should be backed up (saved to another hard disc drive or to removable media, for example, a CD-R or  DVD-R disc) prior to any intended re-installation of Microsoft Windows® or the re-formatting of your computer’s internal or external hard disc drive(s). Following successful re-formatting of the hard disc drive(s), all data will have been erased. Following successful re-installation of Microsoft Windows®, your computer will have been returned to “Factory Settings”, in other words, to the state it was in when it left the manufacturing facility.


Computer data can also be lost for a wide variety of other reasons, for example, problems affecting the computer’s internal or external hard disc drive(s), as a result of virus or spyware infections, due to corruption of data files and/or folders, etc. The only way in which you can effectively safeguard yourself against the risks associated with loss of data is to maintain a regular and systematic backup procedure.


Our Labour Charges


All prices are our labour charges which do not include price of parts or materials required. Please understand, that the price is based on, what type of work needs to be carried out and not by an hourly rate. Any parts required are priced individually, we will find part required to do and complete the work.


No Fix – No Fee Policy


Our No Fix – No Fee policy means that if the engineer does not possess the necessary technical knowledge or ability to resolve the problem, then no charge is made to the customer.


The policy does not apply in the following cases: -


The engineer is able to resolve the problem, but is only prevented from doing so by the customer requesting the engineer not to proceed with the work.


The policy does not apply to work related to, water damage, third-party issues, computer virus or spyware problems or to cases in which the computer has been struck by lightning.


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