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About Our Business

Techno-g was established by Darrell Irish in early march 2013, however it eventually became a collective of UK individuals specialising in different areas of IT, Ecommerce and Music working towards a common goal.

We focus on building a company that provided exactly what customers want or need. To hear your situation, listen to your needs and understand problems. Thus allowing us to help you with a different choice of options.


Why choose Techno-g?

​One of the most important things, we want to target or to achieve is great customer service. We would like to think that our approach to this is second to none, as our approach consists of: honesty, visibility, listening, appreciation and understanding. We try to be the best at what we do, however to do this we have chosen to be different from everyone else.

What makes Techno-g different?

Our engineers are qualified within, Comptia +A or MTA, therefore each engineer will take ownership of the work they carry out.

Our Experience

Repairing Computers

We all started off somewhere from messing around with intel 286 & 386 CPU’s, but truly diving into repairing systems that ran Windows (ME, XP, VISTA, 7, 8 & 10). There a number of things we use to repair a machine depending on the circumstances presented to us. However that being said we generally use highly recognised software within the IT industry to resolve viruses, worms and any other software conflicts.

Building Computers

The 15 years of experience building and repairing computers which has led us to build monstrously fast but silent machines. Our machines differ from everyone else as we do not cut corners and only use highly reviewed or rated components. The cases that we use are not like our competitors as we install even better fans. These fans will be even quieter and with great airflow which helps the system stay cool. Using thermal imaging we try to set up each machine for optimum cooling and performance. The CPU’s installed in every system will be checked to see if its head is level and if not then adjusted to suit. The burn in process we do is extensive and is ran for 24 hours unlike other companies.

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