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Home Networking

from £20

Keeping You Connected

Our engineers will help you reconnect and stay reconnected for the following: Router install, Router Configuring, Network Design and installation.

  • Reconfiguring £20


The user name and password will need to be obtained by yourself from your ISP, however we can try to sniff out the info using our in house software. Once this information has been obtained, we then can now proceed with the reconfiguration.


(Parts not included in price)


  • Extending £30


The extending of your network should relieve any major black spots around the property.The outcome should be significantly different from what it was before.


(Parts not included in price)

  • Redesigning £60

The building of your network should be done to suit your property and by the cost of it all. It is hard,near impossible to make the network perfect however we will try to meet all of your needs.

(Parts not included in price)


  • Repairing £40


The repairing of a network could be associated with your own ISP, please consult with them first before contacting us. Once you have established that the ISP is not at fault then we would investigate

(Parts not included in price)

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