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Desktop / Laptop Repair

from £35

Don't Panic, We're Here To Help

All customers will be visit by an experience and qualified engineer who will help resolve fault to the best of their ability. The following computer related faults are what our engineers will attend to (that also fall under our no no fix no fee policy):

  • ·Viruses & Spyware Removal (incl Mailware / adware) 

Generally contracting a viruses can happen many ways which include surfing an unsecure webpage opening an unrecognised email etc. However the important thing to do, is to try to stop or restrict it spreading


(Service incl: memory test, hard drive test, disk clean-up, disk error check, hard drive defragmentation and anti-virus recommendations)


  • ·Diagnostic / Component Replacement / Upgrade  (parts not incl in price)


The unexpected failing of a component can happen randomly, although it may be a simple to replace for us. It will also, be in your best interest, to make sure your system is not clogged up with dust. Maintaining a dust free system, will help the longevity of your system as a whole.


(Parts not incl in price, however service incl: driver update, benchmarking and other recommendations)


  • ·Disaster Recovery 


A recovery of your system will mean getting your machine back up and running with data still present. However some of your software will need to be reinstalled or downloaded again.


(Service incl: disk error check, health check, memory test, Hard drive test, disk cleanup, hard drive defragmentation and backup recommendations)



  • ·Laptop Screen/Accessory Repair (Parts not included in price)


All laptop parts repair, require laptop make model, as well as screen or part type, will have to be identified first before part can be ordered or any work takes place. All screens will be a direct replacement, unless we have been told otherwise.

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