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Cookie Policy


Whist surfing the internet you will come across sites such as ours who use cookie. to distinguish you from other users. The information gather through cookies helps us to improve our site and making it more enjoyable when you browse in future.



The term “internet cookies is not a nice delicious baked confectionery, in fact they are not related at all. Internet cookies are files that contain small pieces of data. This information is kept on your browser which exchanges this information with web servers.



The cookies we use, are session cookies, to understand functional and analytical side of our visitors, We be able to use these session cookies, showing the  user experience to be improved, enabling personalised features and content. We use Google analytic cookies allow us to see the number of visitors and how they navigate through the website. It is important to undertsand, that there are different categories of cookies, which you may come across on the internet, such as:

·         Session cookies

Session cookies, also known as 'temporary cookies', help websites recognise users and the information provided when they navigate through a website. Session cookies only retain information about a user's activities for as long as they are on the website. Once the web browser is closed, the cookies are deleted. These are commonly used on shopping websites or e-commerce websites.

·         Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies, also known as 'persistent cookies', remain in operation even after the web browser has closed. For example they can remember login details and passwords so web users don't need to re-enter them every time they use a site. The law states that permanent cookies must be deleted after 12 months.

·         Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are installed by third-parties with the aim of collecting certain information from web users to carry out research into, for example, behaviour, demographics or spending habits. They are commonly used by advertisers who want to ensure that products and services are marketed towards the right target audience.

·         Flash cookies

Flash cookies, also known as 'super cookies', are independent from the web browser. They are designed to be permanently stored on a user's computer. These types of cookies remain on a user's device even after all cookies have been deleted from their web browser.

·         Zombie cookies

Zombie cookies are a type of flash cookie that are automatically re-created after a user has deleted them. This means they are difficult to detect or manage. They are often used in online games to prevent users from cheating, but have also been used to install malicious software onto a user's device.

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