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Attending to resolve all windows laptops, desktop and home networking problems.


Welcome to Techno-G, your trusted source for international IT Support Services and Computer Repairs available in England & Wales. We specialize in resolving laptop, desktop, and home networking issues.

Experience seamless worldwide support through our remote assistance service, available 24/7 via phone, email, or text messages. At Techno-G, we prioritize your satisfaction with our No call-out fee & No fix No fee policy. If we can't fix the issue, you'll receive a refund.

Our mission is to deliver the services you need, guided by our core goals:

  1. Listening to our customers' needs.

  2. Understanding and delivering customized solutions.

  3. Ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

  4. Providing crucial support in times of urgency.

  5. Delivering top-notch, quality services.


We specialize in:

  1. On phone and online support.

  2. No limit on the number of PCs/laptops to be fixed.

  3. Sourcing and fitting replacement parts.

  4. Crafting silent custom PCs and workstations.

  5. Fine-tuning your existing machines.


Please note, we don't handle tablets, mobile phones, TVs, water-damaged PCs/laptops, commercial or dedicated servers, or game consoles.

For unmatched IT support and reliable computer repairs, trust Techno-G. 


Get in Touch

Outstanding customer service

I needed to replace keyboard for my Samsung Chronos 7 notebook. Darrell done sterling job all the way through from parts ordering to fitting and checks. Coincidentally I had Windows update issues and received support to troubleshoot these as well.


Desktop/Laptop Repair

If it is broken, we will fix it

This is one of our most popular services as it covers the following: Malware & Virus removal, Repair and Component Replacement.


Keeping You Connected

Our technicians will help you reconnect and stay reconnected for the following: Router install, Router Configuring, Network Design and installation.

Data Recovery

Bringing back important info and memories

The ability to recover your information using our own in house software for the following: Hard drive cloning, Disaster System Recovery

Remote Support

Supporting you anytime anywhere

No matter your location or time, we can resolve: virus, mailware, adware and data recovery . If your computer is slow, needing it looked at, then we are happy to help.

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